Sadly, after 26 years we have been forced to close.

We were just recovering from 3 years of LRT construction, and then, COVID 19 hit.

We have been closed for 3.5 months and have had less than a single days worth of revenue in a whole month. Our landlord offered us no concessions, other than deferral of rent.

COVID 19 brought us to our knees.

This has been a heartbreaking decision, and not the way we wanted to leave as our long time legacy in our community.

We have loved every moment with you our loyal customers and consignors, and it is very painful to tell you we are unable to continue business under these circumstances.  We are unable to payout on any accounts.

Our lack of communication has in part been because of COVID 19, getting internet once again, and gaining access to our computers.

We beg your patience, and will to the best of our ability return as many unsold items to you, our consignors as possible.

Please know, our intent was to re-open and continue our business  We were blindsided by length of closure and we are a victim of this Pandemic... and will be paying for it for many years to come.

As a favour, we would ask that you be kind to our fellow Atrium retailers and please do not take your disappointment on them.

We hope that you will continue to support the Atrium in this new retail environment.


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